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WARNING - The Law changed in October 2012, ALL Trailers have to be of TYPE APPROVAL (either whole .European wide or individual, check out VOSA web site for current rules and regulations) and this is a VOSA / VCA , government approval, this has been in force in Europe for many years and the whole of the UK is now coming under the same requirements. It will be illegal to make or purchase a (new) trailer that has not been TYPE approved, (sold after 28th OCT) despite when it was manufactured if being sold as  NEW, ALL trailers Manufactured by A & R Willis Catering trailers will be TYPE APPROVED before being handed over to our customers,if you are purchasing a trailer from any trailer retailer MAKE SURE IT IS TYPE APPROVED it will be a criminal offence to sell/purchase/use a NEW trailer that is not type approved, Check out the type approval of the company FIRST, make sure YOUR NEW trailer is TYPE APPROVED, we understand that VOSA will be carrying out extra stops on trailers and have invested heavily on weighing equipment and breaking techniques. don't get caught out by back street trailer manufacturers and if in doubt contact VOSA, it could cost you £££££££££££.


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