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Horse box Conversions

Horse box Conversions - Fashionable Catering With A Traditional Twist

Attend any event this year – from weddings to music festivals to agricultural fairs – and you’ll notice a common theme: food will be being consumed and the past few years have seen a surge in popularity for independent mobile catering providers.

The way we eat is changing and today’s consumer is shying away from mass-produced, bland menus put together by unimaginative, faceless organisations and prefers instead more interesting, thoughtful fare that caters for modern tastes, made well and served by people who care about their food and the people eating it.
Along with better quality food is a desire for a more interesting experience all round and none does this more effectively than buying something to eat from a converted horsebox, the latest trend in mobile catering.

Why Are Converted Horseboxes So Popular?

Recent years have seen an upswing towards all things vintage, from clothing to cars to music. E-business consultants e-cairn stated that of the entire community of 2000+ influencers in Interior Design, 9% of all conversations were specifically about vintage.

So it’s official – old is fashionable.
In addition to being aligned with current trends, there are many reasons why horseboxes are the perfect mobile catering unit, particularly as a first venture.
They are relatively small and lightweight so present fewer transportation challenges than other, more substantial equivalent units.

As you would expect, there is good head height inside and the internal area can be customised; here at A and R Willis Catering Trailers, we work with our customers to design the interior to their specific requirements and create the most efficient use of space.

They are fitted with access to all of the essentials as standard, such as water system with sinks, water pump and boiler, ably assisted by an external gas point with regulator.

Electrics are provided by way of double sockets, spotlights and mains inlet board powered by a 16-amp system so a well-lit, efficient operation is guaranteed.
Mobile chefs can cook with confidence thanks to the Polyflor non-slip vinyl flooring, putting an end to fears of skidding around behind the counter! And for those events at the chilly end of the year, our horseboxes are internally lined for additional warmth.

Another reason why converted horseboxes are taking the mobile food industry by storm is due to the fact that they are highly customisable. They can be painted and adorned with the decorations that showcase a unique brand and provide a sense of identity. This also means that they can easily advertise the type of cuisine being sold – especially handy for those offering niche or speciality menus.

Why Do Traders Choose Converted Horseboxes?

A key advantage is the ability to travel pretty much anywhere. The founders of independent mobile food business, Baz and Fred, especially like this element. “You can see new areas of the country, there’s no rent to pay and it offers more flexibility than a restaurant”, they told The Daily Telegraph The Daily Telegraph.
This flexibility allows business owners to change a menu, décor and other offerings far more easily than a static premises would afford.

The quirky and versatile nature of converted horseboxes enable creative foodies to access a low-risk method of experimenting with food and direct route to market.
Mobile units also provide the opportunity to adhere to the business owners’ personal preferences and supply specialist, even niche foods. There has been an increase in the number of catering trailers being used to sell specifically vegan products, for example. And people are buying them.

It’s no surprise therefore that more and more mobile catering businesses are being created to meet this demand. In fact according to Statista, in 2017 there were 25,885 independent fast food outlets in the UK and collectively they generated the highest income as a proportion of all food and beverage-serving enterprises in the country, with an astonish turnover of £34.6bn between them.

There is a whole range of reasons to start a mobile catering business – not least that, in addition to being on trend, as the figures show, there’s a growing market and a hungry public waiting.

If you’re looking to start a mobile catering business – or upgrade your current unit – please get in touch with us via our website or contact us on 01763 852 000

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